Saturday, January 28, 2012

2012 SGCI Conference Event

Taking Home With You

Friday, March 16, 11:30 am - 4:00 pm, Woldenberg Art Center at Tulane University, Room 214

Organizer: Sang-Mi Yoo

Description of the Event:
New Orleans is a city reminding us of the frequent history of natural disasters including the recent hurricane Katrina. Home is an important place for everyone as it provides us with a sense of protection and identity.Contemporary life often causes us move from one place to another as a result of many factors, including employment, family, education, war and violence, in addition to natural disasters. However, this transitory habitation may reflect how our contemporary lives are moving toward more nomadic lifestyles. This event will touch on the idea of home as well as positive thoughts on being nomadic or non-territorial. The home resides more within our minds than within the physical world.

In this event, each participating artist presents prints of an imaginary home. Each print has cutting and folding marks, allowing it to be cut and folded into a house form. The viewer is invited to visit the site, select a print, cut out the shape, fold it into a collapsible three-dimensional home and take it with them, examining the ideal notion of home and participation in a good cause. All of the proceeds from suggested donations will support those affected by the recent tsunami/earthquake in Japan.

Building and sharing imaginary homes in print forms allows a new kind of culture to be spread, overcoming a sense of fragility in memories and in illusions of the world we believe. This new wave is like the surface of a body of water, spreading towards available spaces and filling in the gaps. Disasters can interrupt the smooth flow, but the strong power of this wave can help us to find a sense of home in their wake.

Participating Aritsts:
Denise Bookwalter, David DuBose, Stacy Elko, Michael Glenn, Anita Jung, Elizabeth Klimek, Kathy McGhee, Yoonmi Nam, Amanda Rouse, Marianna Smith, Melanie Yazzie, Sang-Mi Yoo
Event Assistants: Juanita Exiga, Joshua Meier

For more info: 2012 SGCI Conference Highlights

2D Prints and 3D Mockups

Melanie Yazzie. Flower Pod. screenprint.

David DuBose. Yellow House with Cone.

This boat is inspired from a Kettuvallom, a popular houseboat and tourist attraction in India.

Yoonmi Nam. Taking Home with You. 5 color silkscreen print on butcher paper,
4 layers printed on the front/1 layer on back. Printed by Joshua Meier.

Michael Glenn

Sang-Mi Yoo. Hello House. screenprint.


  1. Welcome to the project, Taking Home with You site. Please leave your comment.

  2. Yoonmi has updated her residential skyscraper from Korea. I grew up in the similar building in Seoul, too. So portable. We can use it as a bag!

  3. I love seeing all the images! Can people add photos with them in the photo so we can see each other?
    The works are very wonderful and so inspiring! Yazzie:)

    1. That's a great idea, Melanie. All participants, please send me your head shot photo.

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