Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taking Home with You Epilogue

It was such a heart-warming event at SGCI in New Orleans. All the participating artists were so dedicated and enthusiastic to talk about their work, and the audience was attentive and loved the work. We raised about $1,500 during 4 hours, and the money will be sent to Peace Winds America based in Seattle. They focus on reducing the devastating impact of natural disasters in the Asia Pacific including Japan relief and recovery.

Prints from this event will be exhibited in a variety venues to continue the spirit, including Limerick School of Art & Design in Limerick, Ireland, University of Colorado, University of Iowa and so forth. No word is enough to say my deepest thank you to all the support from artists and donors who took home with them.

Here is a Printeresting posting by Claire Siepser

Event photos are found here.


  1. can you please post more information concerning the traveling exhibitions and/or any public collections that the project will be in.

    1. Yes, we will have exhibitions including the following.

      August 27-September 2, North Down Museum, Bangor, Northern Ireland.
      January-February, 2013, Belfast Print Workshop, Belfast, Northern Ireland.